cropped-46501849_10156233595463026_769239083779096576_n.jpgI am offering consulting services  ( as workshops and/or seminars) to corporate and startups, with a focus on soft skills for senior managers and executives. My method is very personal and is based on observation of corporate leaders behaviors in USA and Canada ( for 18 years) and Romania ( for 4 years).

Since my return in Romania, I have noticed that we have fantastic technical resources, creative, reliable….but we lack experience when it comes to managers which are  versatile, well read, well traveled, confident, culturally aware of various communication styles across the globe. It is normal – our IT industry is very young, it takes time to grow the management level.

Since I have worked for so long in both worlds, I can see that there are significant areas which can be improved here, in Romania. Find out which ones – book me for a chat.

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