cropped-46501849_10156233595463026_769239083779096576_n.jpgI am offering ONLINE consulting services with a focus on soft skills for senior managers and executives. My method is personal and based on observation of corporate leaders behaviour on 2 continents and 10 countries.

I have lived in North America for 18 years and in Europe for 4,I worked as a computer programmer,  project and product manager in IT industry. I have a degree in Education ( Math) and my passion is sharing knowledge.

I have noticed that  Romania has fantastic technical resources, creative, reliable….but romanian IT managers don’t have the same confidence as  managers from other countries when it comes to versatility, cultural diversity,  various communication styles…. It is normal – our IT industry is very young, it takes time to have managers with the same level of maturity as other countries.  If you lack confidence, want to communicate more efficiently in English  (or Romanian), want to have a charismatic online presence – book me for a chat.

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